Welcome to the Website of St James the Great Church , Mutwal


This website contains information of our ancient and unique church which is acknowledged for its grandeur in Sri Lanka . You will also find out about our parish organizations and community services in which our parishioners serve.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island, known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, located just below the southern tip of India . Sri Lanka has 12 Diocese in which the archdiocese of Colombo is the main Diocese. Archbishop the Most Rev. Dr. Albert Malcolm Ranjith is the chief shepherd of the Diocese, which is divided into 14 deaneries for pastoral reasons.

St James Chruch, Muwal belongs to the Colombo North Deanery. It has 10 Parishes and is headed by Rev. Fr Tony Martin. St James Church is one of it's main parishes. Rev. Fr Ernest de Mel is our dynamic and talented Parish Priest. He was mainly responsible for the setup of this website.

Our church is unique in Sri Lanka , because of its 140 year history, its archeological structure, historical and antique paintings. These come under the supervision of the Archeological Department of Sri Lanka. The bell-fry is the tallest in Sri Lanka . This majestic church which is located just 50 meters away from the golden beaches of Mutwal can be seen from far and distant horizons of Colombo St. James Mutwal was once a large parish, taking in everything northwards up to the Kelaniya river and southwards up to the Colombo Port.

The faith of the devotees towards St James is highlighted especially on Thursdays when pilgrims from all religions and races gather to pray from morning till night seeking the intercession of the powerful St. James the Great. Hundreds of written thanksgiving and testimonies of miracles experienced, received monthly, proves that this churh provides the spiritual consolation to the vast humanity.

As the church is nearly 140 years old, the present parish priest together with the parish pastoral council consulted some expert engineers and professionals about the current state and maintenance of the church buildings. After a detailed assessment, it was the advice of the engineers that we should immediately initiate renovations if we are to preserve this beautiful church for future generations.

Realizing the immense responsibility of the task ahead, we as a parish community decided to embark on a massive renovation project which has been estimated at 22 million SL rupees (appx. US $ 191,000) with the declaration of the ‘Development Year' on the St. James feast day, 25 th July 2009 to 25 th July 2010 in view of raising funds for the project. Under the leadership of our parish priest, we are confident, we can achieve this target. Here we appeal to the world community at large to please come forward and support us in completing this massive project. Click here for more information on the renovation project.

St James the great is a powerful saint who has bestowed blessings on thousands of devotees over the years. If you wish to send in a special appeal or a prayer request to St James, please email it to parishpriest@stjamesmutwal.org or send a postal mail to the address in the ‘Contact Us' page.


Hymn of St James The Great